No one ever asks me what’s wrong anymore… they’ve stopped caring.

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You know that thing about how if you ever feel the desire to hurt yourself instead of doing that use, a marker and just draw lines where you want to do it? It sorta works … 

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hi I thought this was cute


hi I thought this was cute

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When yor greatest fear is relapse but when you ask for help you feel like everyone is too busy to help you

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How to stop cutting and how to help a friend



This is a really important blog post. I really encourage you to read it if you struggle with self harm or have a friend that is. I’ve been there and I really think this could help. 

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1 year and 5 days self harm free!

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It’s such a shame that you only see that people care for you when you kill your self

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depression is a battle..and I’m loosing.

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Bullying is one of the biggest issues in America and frankly something I don’t understand.. Like why would you make fun of someone else’s problems, physical attributes ect. to make yourself feel better? Does making someone else feel small make you a big man? Or telling someone to end their life…

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someone catfish me plz so i can get on Mtv and promote my mixtape

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After Seeing This, I Will Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Drink Coke Again. Trust Me On This One.

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